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EJI's new report, Reconstruction in America, documents nearly 2,000 more confirmed racial terror lynchings of Black people by white mobs in America than previously detailed. The report examines the 12 years following the Civil War when lawlessness and violence perpetrated by white leaders created an American future of racial hierarchy, white supremacy, and Jim Crow laws—an era from which our nation has yet to recover.

The spread of the new coronavirus has become racialized, so it's critical that educators understand the historical context and confront racist tropes and xenophobia from students and colleagues. It's important to get ahead of harmful discourse because we know students are watching or listening to this rhetoric online and on social media.

"Last week, a video was leaked of a white man shooting and killing Georgia jogger Ahmaud Arbery in his neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia. While Arbery's death occurred in February, the alleged shooter and his father were only arrested last week following a massive public uproar following the release of the tape. Many Christians, of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, have condemned the Arbery's killing. But widespread condemnation from the church for these types of killings was not always the case.

by Ibram X. Kendi, Director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University

"Americans don't see me, or Ahmaud Arbery, running down the road—they see their fear.

"If I were running under the falling moss, if two armed white men were coming after me in their pickup truck—and a third not far behind—then I would have felt the wrath of terror: racist terror.